Welcome to the new campaign.

Rule set
A quick start rule set can be found hear for free Please do not read the adventure if you intend to play as i may use a modified version of it with you at some stage

We will be starting with the 3 main classe’s warrior mage and rogue and further down the line there will be opertunitey for specialisation and advancement.

Remember when creating a character you’ll need to choose a race and gender the race’s and there bonus’s will be listed in the Wiki asap we will be using the available race’s and bonus’s from set one and two.As well as this if there is a specific idea for a race or racial background im open to helping you create it with fair stat’s.

Im also open to letting you guys have secret’s etc and working them in to the campaign outside of play time just pm me on hear.Maybe you want sneak back to some place and do a ritual whiles’t the other players sleep and don’t want to discuss it at the table that’s how we would do it.

I will also post up some basic background information on the world and some of its lore for those of you that may not know about it as I find the time.

Dragon Age: A journey begins